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Nestled between a small grove of senator pecan trees and a vibrant botanical garden, you'll find Serenity and its properties.  Serenity Funeral Home is the perfect scenic setting where families and friends can honor a loved one and celebrate life.  Serving families since 1966, Serenity is a resting place unlike any other. Today, trees and pathways form a park-like setting. Peace of mind comes naturally. And we serve as a caring partner to you, your family, and our community. Take a virtual tour, join us for community events and learn the legacy of this land.

Why Serenity?

Our People.  Our Gardens.  Our Facilities.  Our Prices.

Why Serenity?

Our People.We hire compassionate Funeral Directors who take great pride in their ability to help families through their darkest moments.  Our Funeral Directors will work with you in advance of need or at time of need to develop a service that honors your life and the life of your loved one.  Our support staff can work with your family to develop a slideshow presentation of your loved one, organize a play list of your loved ones favorite music, or arrange the visitation area to showcase family photos and keepsake items.  These personal touches can offer your friends and acquaintances a glimpse in to a part of your loved ones life they may have not known. 

Our GardensSerenity has four well-maintained cemeteries and a mausoleum: Serenity Memorial Garden, Lawn haven Memorial Garden, Serenity Rest and Serenity Memorial Estates.  Serenity Memorial Garden and Lawn Haven Memorial Garden are historic cemeteries offering traditional burial services.  Serenity Rest is a botanical garden with granite benches, pedestals, posts, and columbarium niches for those families choosing cremation.  Our Mausoleum, the Chapel of the Chimes, offers above ground burial for those families preferring an above-ground disposition.  Serenity Memorial Estates is an exclusive estates garden offering families private, semi-private and bench estates near Serenity Lake. All offer guests a tranquil environment for quiet reflection and remembrance.Our Facilities.Serenity Funeral Home.  Serenity Funeral Home is located in west Mobile County on 300 acres of land.  The funeral home houses Alabama’s largest chapel which can comfortably seat 350 guests.  The funeral home has four large parlors to accommodate visitations.  Each parlor is nicely decorated with comfortable furnishings and a large high-definition television to view a slideshow of family and friends.

Serenity Business Office.  Behind the funeral home and breezeway, you will find Serenity’s business office.  This building houses our family counselors, bookkeepers and office staff.  Family’s visit this office to retrieve death certificates, arrangement funeral services, make payments on services and locate the final resting place of their loved ones in our cemeteries.

Serenity Event Center.  Located due south of the botanical garden, this multi-purpose, stand-alone building was designed for entertaining.  The Serenity Event Center is a place where guests can celebrate life occasions like weddings, family reunions, rehearsal dinners, business meetings, baby showers and much more.  The event center has state-of-the-art audio and video equipment, two beautifully furnished reception areas, large high-definition televisions and projector screens.  The event center can be configured to host auditorium style seating, formal dinners, business meetings and parties with a dance floor and a band/DJ.  The rental fee includes the use of the audio/visual equipment as well as the use of ten 72” table rounds, 100 leather chairs, linens, and place settings for up to 100.

Serenity Grounds and Equipment.  Serenity strives to be a good steward of the land and resources in our care.  This is why we developed a botanical garden, planted 10 acres of red clover, installed an Alabama Department of Environmental Management certified water treatment plant and purchase low carbon emission equipment.  Serenity’s botanical garden and 10 acres of red clover attract and grow local pollinators like honey bees, butterflies, and other insects.  As you know pollinators are imperative to our food chain.  Serenity is the only funeral home in the State of Alabama to install an ADEM certified water treatment plant.  We don’t want the chemicals and waste from our facility to pollute Mobile’s water system.

Our Prices.Funeral services, burials and cremations are competitively priced at Serenity.  Our staff regularly collects General Price Lists from other funeral homes and cemeteries in Mobile County.  Prices for a full traditional service at Serenity is comparably priced to the same service at Radney Funeral Home, Pine Crest Funeral Home or Mobile Memorial Gardens.  

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