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Your family deserves a peaceful, sacred experience, always. These cemetery rules and regulations ensure respect for all, while you focus on your own strength, cherishing and recognizing the wonderful life that your loved one led, and spending time with those close to you.

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Decoration Policy
Decoration Policy

Decoration Policy for Serenity Memorial Garden and Lawn Haven Memorial GardenEffective January 4, 20181. Fresh cut, artificial and dried floral arrangements are required to be in approved vases on a permanent memorial marker.

2. All arrangements are to be in approved metal containers of approved size and design as approved by the cemetery superintendent.

Any Non-floral stand-alone decorations will be removed. These items include but are not limited to ceramics, potted plants, fences (wire, stone, plastic, etc.), balloons, glass, baskets, shells, toys, rocks and stones, metal designs, ornaments, photos, picture frames, items made of wood or iron and no containers containing alcohol.  Illumination of grave markers by other than natural light is prohibited.

3. Floral arrangements and wreaths may contain decorations made of non-plant materials only as apart of the arrangement or wreath. Flowers placed at the time of burial may remain for a reasonable time as affected by appearance and safety. Floral arrangements in approved containers placed during special occasions will be allowed to remain for five days or at the discretion of the cemetery superintendent.

4. No glue, wire, tape, or attachment of any decorations, of any kind is allowed on monuments. Monuments may not be painted and there are to be no additional monuments other than headstones.

5. The cemetery grounds keepers may, at their discretion remove any item considered a mowing or safety hazard.

6. There will be a Spring and Fall cemetery clean-up when all non-permanent memorial items will be removed and discarded.

7. The cemetery is not responsible for any damage per the policies set forth in the Rules and Regulations of Serenity and Lawn Haven Cemeteries.

8. Policy as outlined above apply inside a mausoleum or columbarium and include that all decorations must be displayed on the stands or tables provided. Do not place items on the marble floors or carpet or attach them to crypt doors.

A complete copy of the Rules and Regulations of SLG Cemeteries are avilable to owners of internment rights or the authorized agent upon written request to the Chief Executive Office of the SLG Group Inc., Post Office Drawer 190009, Mobile, AL  36619.

All issues regarding this policy may be addressed in writing to the Chief Executive Officer or the Board of Directors of the SLG Group Inc., Post Office Drawer 190009, Mobile, AL 36619.